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Rua José Alves Júnior, Nº 120, Albergaria 2430-076 Marinha Grande, Portugal

About Us

We create excellence in high quality precision

Your partner in mould making

Since 2005 CS MOLDES has been dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of moulds for the plastics industry, for highly demanding sectors such as Aeronautics, Automobile, Cosmetics, Electrical, Medical and Pharmaceutical.

We privilege communication and proximity to the Client, always proposing the best solutions in the realisation of each project.

We use the utmost accuracy and technology in each phase of the process, optimising the efficiency and innovation of our working methods and favouring continuous improvement.

Our young and dynamic technical staff, combined with our commitment to quality and meeting deadlines, make CS MOLDES a partner with national and international recognition.



CSMoldes defines as its Mission the full satisfaction of the client.

This can only be achieved by progressively improving the Investment and Specialisation binomial:

  • Investment in technological means that enable high technical accuracy, process improvements and consequent substantial gains in productivity and added value in production;
  • Specialisation, through the admission of highly specialised human resources in the technical and commercial component, allows greater control over the entire production process and strict compliance with deadlines.


The company’s vision of the future of the mouldmaking industry and the evolution of markets is fundamentally based on the demands and positioning of its customers.


CS Moldes’ main values are Credibility and Commitment to the Client (by rigorously complying with the client’s specifications), Flexibility (to adapt to new client requests, always guaranteeing adequate technical solutions) and Confidentiality (guaranteeing confidentiality about the client’s projects under development).

  • Deadlines are met – CSMoldes is guided by its Commitment and attempts to rigorously comply with the client’s specifications. This is one of its strengths that characterises it in the market and with its clients;
  • Ability to customize the product according to the customers’ needs – The technical know-how of its team of collaborators and of its top manager, allows an important commitment in the production of moulds according to the customers’ needs;
  • Know-how, experience and technical quality of the moulds produced, which gives it credibility and notoriety among its current customers;
  • Specialised human resources, with good levels of motivation and mutual help;
  • Quality/reliability and ability to customize the production of moulds;
  • Availability and flexibility to study innovative solutions for the customers;
  • Strong production orientation towards the fulfilment of deadlines;
  • Good quality/price relation and good productivity indexes sustained in the versatility and control of production as it is a medium company;
  • Ability to adapt to the production of moulds for various market segments (electronics, electrical, automobile, cosmetics, medicine);
  • Guaranteed after-sales assistance, despite being a reactive service rather than a structured or proactive one.
Quality Policy

In a professional reality of constant changes and updates, CS Moldes intends to be innovative, have a high level of efficiency and comply with all applicable requirements. In this way, it views Quality Policy as a company philosophy based on three fundamental principles:

A highly competent team of professionals committed to a single objective:

Meeting the needs and expectations of clients and obtaining their satisfaction.

Continuous improvement of the Organisation, processes and products, believing 
In always doing better.

Involvement and commitment of all employees. To be faithful to our motto:
Unity makes strength and believe that with talent we can be good, but with teamwork and intelligence we can be excellent!


Due to its medium dimension, CS Moldes has a high versatility to adapt to new and demanding situations.


CS Moldes is known as one of the few companies able to solve problems of greater complexity, delivering the highest quality in the final product to the client.


CS Moldes’ credibility has been built over the years by its manager, who is already recognised as one of the most specialised technicians in solutions for complex problems and by the technical rigour he applies to the conception of moulds, respecting the deadlines agreed with the client.

Quality Certification

CS Moldes obtains ISO 9001:2015 QMS certification.

Strategic change

Focus on the International Market and exploration of new markets.

Acquisition of new facilities

Acquisition and move to the current premises.

Carlos Silva - Moldes Unipessoal, Lda.

Constitution of the Company Carlos Silva - Moldes Unipessoal, Lda.

Relocation of premises

In a perspective of growth, CS Moldes changes installations.

1st mould production

The result of consolidated know-how and experience.

Start of activity

Activity initiated as a service provider.

we create excellence in high quality precision